Who is Brilliantly?

We are an agency based think tank, specializing in business intelligence and data-driven results. A team of web developers, marketers, business consultants and digital designers that build and implement growth hacking for our clients.

But, what is Growth Hacking?

It’s about finding unconventional, out of the box, scalable and repeatable ways to gain your business new users, new customers and new revenue.
Brilliantly, as your dedicated growth hackers, will experiment with different types of strategies to see how they can achieve a more powerful outcome than traditional marketing. We find the most effective least labor intensive approach. We automate every part of this new approach for you and deliver the final system in an easy to use and repeatable format that embodies your brand and delivers on your goals. The final system is scalable, meaning you can easily expand the reach of each campaign without having to spend al lot of extra resources.

We don’t just help you grow…

To become uber successful, growth should no longer be the responsibility of just your marketing dept or agency. Growth hacking brings your company’s entire team and all partners together around the objective of growth. We help our clients learn to be: Data Informed, Process Driven, Experiment Focused

We deliver value by means of Growth, Design and Technology



There is no generic formula for growth. From startups just beginning their journey, to established companies with a brand history, our team and process is shaped around each client. Every project strategy is different, and will be measured against a unique set of goals.


Our focus is customer-centric. We attract and engage viewers by using a combination of compelling content and interactive design, specifically catered to each communication channel, in effort to stimulate each viewer at a deeper level.


We track, analyze and correct your project’s growth through ongoing campaigns to get you data-driven results. If your users are visiting your website but not converting, we focus on improving the experience by pinpointing friction to create a measurable impact



Branding tells customers who you are and distinguishes you from your competitors. We strategically pour your identity into the final product in a way that produces imaging concepts that will resonate with your target audience, making you stand out among even the largest crowd.


A successful product requires a successful visual translation to the end user. Understanding the anatomy of the product, the core foundation of the company, and the sought after perception of the customer allows us to produce stunning designs.


We believe design is a powerful and distinctive vehicle of change. Design isn’t merely a logo,a structure or a pretty picture. It is an artistic venture that, when executed with care, has an immense potential to steer the way people see and experience your brand.



From smart phone to desk top, your site should look and function flawlessly. We maintain a focus on creating unique user experiences, built specifically for your organization, that elevate your brand far above the competition.


Tap into our ability bring your mobile app idea to life. Brilliantly has proven experience in the world of app design, app development and testing. Our seasoned development team works in tangent with our designers to produce next-level mobile experiences.


Your digital storefront is of equal or greater value than your physical space. Over 80% of shoppers research products and services, as well as your company, online before making direct contact. We provide you with secure payment systems, user-friendly platform management and customized look and feel.



Risk courage.

Sometimes the best ideas require bold action and conviction, in spite of fear.

Give a s**t.

A lot of care, effort & passion goes into our work.

User first.

The user is always at the heart of the strategy.

Less is more.

Removing the unnecessary to focus on what’s important.

Collaboration is king.

We approach every project as a partnership.

Word is bond.

As a team, we stay committed to the promises we make.

Global citizenship.

In service of humanity and earth with clients and team worldwide.

Iterate and measure.

Follow an agile method, where better answers are discovered during each new sprint.