Paid Advertising

One dollar in, at least two dollars out

Across the web there are people already searching for your products/services. We find those people, drive them to your website or landing pages and help convert them into customers.


Each campaign is data informed and developed around the specific requirements of the selected advertising platform. The marriage of pixel perfect design and compelling copywriting helps to draw in the viewer and increase your click through rate.


We develop highly targeted campaigns that utilize geographic, demographic and psychographic customer data so that your advertisements are directed to interested viewers and catered to their wants/needs. From keyword research to viral videos, we take everything into consideration.


With today’s online tools, data collection has never been easier, but translating that data into an actionable plan still a challenge for most businesses. This is where we come in. Each campaign is continually tested against a unique set of targets so that we can quickly identify the most effective choice to maximize the value of every dollar spent.

Search VS Social

Beyond Google’s (and Bing etc) tried and true world of search there are powerful social channels that compete for your ideal customers attention. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and more are very powerful channels for highly targeted and niche advertising opportunity. Social should be considered, experimented with and tested against search within your brand’s marketing system.


If a visitor to your website didn’t convert the first time, that’s okay. Why? Retargeting.
Generally speaking, 2% of visitors convert on the first visit to your website. With retargeting, we follow the other 98% across the web with adapted advertisements to keep your brand top of mind and bring them back to your website.


* 20%

of the Total Ad Budget Per MonthDedicated campaign driver

One managed platform (Facebook, search, etc.)

Competitor analysis

Keyword research

PPC spend management

Ad copywriting

Advertising creative

Advertisement retargeting

A-B or multivariate testing / optimization

Detailed reporting



* ---

Let us create a plan that's right for youAll Lyft services plus…

Additional platform identification

Two (or more) managed platforms

Affiliate marketing

Influencer marketing endorsement

Celebrity marketing endorsement

Contesting & promotions

App Store Optimization (ASO)